Sensory Strategies for Sleep PDF

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Does your child struggle to go to bed at night or wind down before the bedtime routine begins? 

If it's a true sensory challenge, this PDF guide will give you tangible tips and strategies to implement into your bedtime routine immediately!


  • Why a child struggles to sleep
  • Sensory Terminology
  • Bedtime Strategies 
  • Background on Sensory Processing Challenges
  • Bedtime Visual Schedule Example
  • Pre-Bedtime Sensory Activities
  • Bedtime Routine Sensory Strategies
  • Example Sensory Circuits for Varying Sensory Needs
  • Bedtime Sensory Diet Template
  • Recommended Additional Resources 

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Please know that I am here to support you! I love connecting with other families and therapists and would love to help you further if possible. Please reach out!



the fine print: medical disclaimer

The information within in this PDF is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes. The information within the PDF IS NOT INTENDED TO SERVE AS MEDICAL ADVICE AND CANNOT BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT WHICH CAN ONLY BE PROVIDED BY A PHYSICIAN AND/OR APPROVED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. Always consult with your physician before implementing any of the advice disclosed in this document/PDF, including but not limited to, taking any herbal supplements and engaging in sensory diets and exercise programs. Contact your health care provider immediately if you suspect that you or your child has a medical problem. The information contained in this PDF is not designed to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any diseases or to be considered, in any capacity, medical advice. You assume and accept complete responsibility for the use and/or non-use of the information within this PDF and release The Sensory Project, LLC from any liability or loss that you or your children (if relevant) may incur from the use and/or non-use of the information contained herein.

~ Rachel, COTA/L, AC