Purple / Dark Grey Weighted Vest

Purple / Dark Grey Weighted Vest

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Technical Breakdown:

  • Patent pending design created by a therapist for parents, therapists and educators.
  • Snap closures: Hold weights securely and quietly in place.
  • NEW Flexible Weighted Inserts to reduce noise and create a slim, never bulky—profile.
  • Each vest comes with 12 Flexible Inserts for a total of 2 Pounds. Extra weights can be purchased to increase the weight of the vest as your child needs.
  • Collar: Fold down or leave popped, depending on your child’s style and tactile preferences.
  • Internal material: Light fleece provides comforting tactile experience for your tactile defensive child, but always breathable.
  • Tag-less, of course.
  • Shoulder weights: Insert 2 weights through external invisible zippers, one in the front and one in the back. Creates a simple, yet effective method of providing proprioceptive input simulating joint compressions.
  • Material: Double layered fabric resists stretching, while breathable material allows for air flow and temperature control.
  • NEW Flexible Weighted Inserts are Latex, BPA, and Phthalate free. Durable and flexible.
  • Pockets can hold multiple weighted inserts, however we recommend weighted vests to be ~5% of the child's body weight. Less is more! Experiment with the weight placement to meet your child's specific sensory needs or to change the distribution of the weight.
  • Weighted vests are safe to be washed and dried in home or industrial washers and dryers, however, as always; we recommend the gentle cycle to preserve the life of our products. 
  • Weighted Inserts must be removed from the vest prior to washing. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth if needed.
  • Please reference size chart for specific measurements!
  • Sizes available: XS-XL 
  • Purchase additional weighted inserts to increase the weight of your vest.

Here are our recommendations:

o XS (2T/3T) -- 2 Pounds (no extra weights)

o S (4T/5T) -- 2 Pounds (no extra weights) 

o M (6/7) -- 2 Pounds + (4 pack of extra weights) = 2.5 pounds total

o L (8/10) -- 2 Pounds + (8 pack of extra weights) = 3.75 pounds total 

o XL (12/14) -- 2 Pounds + (12 pack of extra weights) = 4 pounds total

A wear schedule might look something like this: 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off as needed throughout the day. By taking the vest on and off throughout the day, it helps your child's body learn to modulate sensory input. Remember, this is a tool to help your child feel calm and confident! It is not used to 'weigh your child down.'

The suggested weight is approximately 5% of your child's body weight, however keep in mind every child's sensory needs are different. It is recommended to consult your child's occupational therapist for more information regarding the appropriate percentage of weight for your child. 

A weighted vest is a therapeutic tool to help your child feel calm with an organized sensory system by providing proprioceptive input. Proprioceptive input is important for a child’s development because it helps them to feel a sense of self, aides in self- regulation and promotes success in both fine motor and gross motor activities. It is also important, as it helps a child to be aware of their “personal space” and how to appropriately engage with their peers without overstepping their boundaries (e.g. hugging without asking) or not engaging enough (e.g. decreased eye contact).

Please Refer to Sizing Chart for Accurate Measurements Before Choosing Your Size!