Birth to Best Life Summit RECORDING

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This conference provides a collaboration of multidisciplinary experts using evidence based practice guidelines to discuss topics related to tongue tie including: breast milk allergies, re-flux, and torticollis. In addition we will also address hormone balancing, postpartum depression, and many other topics related to increasing overall health and happiness for mom and babe.

Dr. Sam Zink DMD with Zink Dental "Saving the Children: Releasing Ties that Hold Back Expression of Optimal Biologic Form"

Melanie Henstrom BS, IBCLC with Baby Bonds and The Center for Orofacial Myology "Saving Breastfeeding to Increase Life Long Health"

Dr. Trillitye Paullin PhD with Free to Feed "Breastfeeding Through Infant Food Allergies"

Dr. Matt Ogle with Highland Chiropractic "How Chiropractic Care can help with Re-flux, Colic and Torticollis"

Kellie Northam DNM, PMHNP, PMH-C with Boise River Birth Center "Supporting Physiological Postpartum to Decrease Postpartum Depression"

Kate Phoenix BA, DNAFCT "Genetic Influences on Fascia and Tongue Tie"

Rachel Harrington COTA/L, AC with Sensational Brain "Primitive Reflex Integration and Sensory Development"

Rian Chatterton OMT, SLP with The Center for Orofacial Myology “Development of the Orofacial Complex and the Impact it has on Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders”

Shannon Gardiner PA, ENT with The Center for Orofacial Myology "A Breath of Fresh Air"

Dr. LaChiana Hamilton DNP with Free to Feed "Gut Health and All That Jazz"

This conference is for pediatricians, general practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, midwives, OBGYN's, IBCLC's, doulas, SLP, dental hygienists, craniosacral therapists, feeding specialists, physical therapist, occupational therapists, parents, and anyone who wants to learn more about increasing life long health with a focus on new mom and babe.

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Please know that I am here to support you! I love connecting with other moms and therapists and would love to help you further if possible. Please reach out!



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