The Sensory Project Distance Coaching

  • Distance Coaching is helping families understand their  unique children, while exploring new strategies to improve quality of life for everyone in the household!
  • Distance Coaching is NOT therapy, a replacement for therapy or tele-practice. Coaching services are always solely intended for educational purposes only.
  • Distance Coaching should never be considered replacement for necessary in-person services from a qualified professional for you or your child's specific needs.
  • Distance Coaching is designed to provide resources, education, and strategies to help you and your family while waiting for therapy services, find additional strategies and tools, and / or brainstorm sensory solutions.
  • If you select a package that includes follow up sessions, we will schedule these after the Initial Consultation. 
  • Financing is available through PayPal! 
  • After choosing your package and scheduling an Initial Consultation, you will be sent a contract, formalities and legalities, and an invoice through PayPal. Unfortunately, coaching is not covered or reimbursed by insurances.
  • Feel free to email Rachel: for any additional questions or concerns regarding Distance Coaching!
  • Click the package below to schedule an appointment!


What's included in a Distance Coaching Initial Consultation?

  • 1.5 to 2 hour video consultation.  
  • Overview of your child’s sensory processing abilities.
  • Sensory checklist and explanation of your child’s seeking / avoiding preferences.
  • Sensory Modulation Information and Accommodations
  • Specific sensory strategies to target current challenges
  • Information to assist with finding the right therapies,
  • verbiage to look for and understand.
  • Written overview of homework and strategies provided during the initial consultation.
  • Links to recommended resources and products.
  • Private group with access to monthly Q & A sessions with Rachel and collaborations with other TSP coaching client
  • Free TSP T-Shirt
  • 20% off TSP Products

 What's included in a follow up session? 

  • Progress check in
  • Additional strategies / homework
  • Modifications to previous strategies provided
  • Additional handouts and / or visual aids



"So Aysten has sensory processing disorder and I have had the hardest time finding a professional to help me in the way I needed it. Then this amazing woman entered my life and I was so lucky to find her. She does a podcast called The Sensory Project Show with her friend Jessica. And she started Distance Coaching and I jumped on it to get help from her...  It was a one on one consult with her and we spent over and hour talking about EVERYTHING I was struggling with Aysten and she came up with a plan for me.... and I have been integrating it and it is helping! But the biggest thing is she focused on what I was needing and gave me everything her mind and heart could give! TALK about PASSION!! I can’t thank her enough for coming into my life and for starting this coaching program!!" - Amber L. - Utah


"Being a parent of a child with SPD has felt like an unsolvable puzzle.... to which I don't even have all the pieces. That's what it felt like before I met Rachel. Everyone before her would simply just say "Yes, this is a puzzle... and you don't have all the pieces." Rachel came along and with all her compassion and passion for the field so easily, comfortingly stood beside me and said "This puzzle is the shape of a star, now let me help you find all the pieces." - Erica M. - Wisconsin 


“I honestly can’t thank you enough. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do the coaching at first but when I saw you had an opening I knew I had to do it. I understand my son son so much better. When we play at home now it’s all designed for his specific sensory needs. He’s been so regulated and happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me and my family!!! I’m just so happy with his progress and his ability to work through the hard moments. Whereas before there was no working through them. He wore his shirt to OT today and everyone went nuts I shared your podcast/website with them.” - Andrea G. - Oklahoma