TSP Distance Coaching

The Sensory Project 

Is Now Offering Distance Coaching!

I am so excited to be able to offer these services!! I am passionate about helping families understand their sensory kiddo, while exploring new strategies to improve quality of life for everyone in the household!
Keep in mind: Distance Coaching is NOT therapy, a replacement for therapy or telepractice. Coaching services are always solely intended for educational purposes only. Distance coaching should never be considered replacement for necessary in-person services from a qualified professional for you or your child's specific needs.
Distance coaching is designed to provide resources, education, and strategies to help you and your family while waiting for therapy services, find additional strategies for your child, and / or brainstorm sensory solutions.

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Initial Consultation--$225

Follow Up Session--$75 


"So Aysten has sensory processing disorder and I have had the hardest time finding a professional to help me in the way I needed it. Then this amazing woman entered my life and I was so lucky to find her. She does a podcast called The Sensory Project with her friend Jessica. And she started Long Distance Coaching and I jumped on it to get help from her...

It was a one on one consult with her and we spent over and hour talking about EVERYTHING I was struggling with Aysten and she came up with a plan for me.... and I have been integrating it and it is helping! But the biggest thing is she focused on what I was needing and gave me everything her mind and heart could give! TALK about PASSION!! I can’t thank her enough for coming into my life and for starting this coaching program!!" - Amber L. - Utah


"Being a parent of a child with SPD has felt like an unsolvable puzzle.... to which I don't even have all the pieces. That's what it felt like before I met Rachel. Everyone before her would simply just say "Yes, this is a puzzle... and you don't have all the pieces." Rachel came along and with all her compassion and passion for the field so easily, comfortingly stood beside me and said "This puzzle is the shape of a star, now let me help you find all the pieces." - Erica M. - Wisconsin