Will my child benefit from a weighted vest?

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How do you know what type of sensory input your child is seeking? It's a hard to recognize what they need, and frustrating because sensory equipment is so expensive! How do you avoid purchasing equipment your child will toss aside in a week? Hopefully this helps to give you a little more insight into what your child's needs are telling you.

If your child has any of the following qualities or behaviors, they are seeking proprioceptive input or aren't registering proprioception properly, and would benefit from a weighted vest:

  • My child seeks opportunities to fall without regard for personal safety.
  • My child enjoys falling.
  • My child takes movement or climbing risks during play that compromise personal safety.
  • My child seeks movement throughout their day that interferes with daily activities. 
  • My child holds onto or clings walls or banisters.
  • My child seems accident prone.
  • My child is overly affectionate with others.
  • My child walks on his / her toes.
  • My child has difficulty paying attention.
  • My child has difficulty focusing.
  • My child struggles to sit still for short periods of time.
  • My child is sensitive to certain fabrics / materials.
  • My child seeks out all kinds of movement activities.
  • My child rocks unconsciously.

Weighted Blankets: Sizing and Benefits:

  • Weighted blankets should weigh approximately 10% of you or your child's body weight. 
  • They should not be used on children under the age of 1.
  • We recommend monitoring your toddler for safety prior to independent use of a weighted blanket.
  • Weighted blankets should fit the person, not the bed. They are not to be used as comforters or duvets. This helps the weight be properly distributed.
  • Weighted blankets were originally developed as therapeutic tools to help improve sensory processing and modulation. Keep that in mind when using.
  • For any other specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out: hello@thesensoryproject.com
  • Custom weighted blankets can be found in our Etsy Shop!