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One of the main reasons I revamped and restarted this blog was to provide a place where parents who have kids with SPD can come.  I wanted to be a resources and create a community for others who were journeying down the road of parenting a child with sensory processing challenges.  Since our diagnosis I have read a lot of books, listened to a fair amount of podcasts and joined multiple Facebook groups.

As I continue down the journey of blogging about sensory processing I am SO EXCITED to share this amazing resources I have found.  My goal (my dream) is for the blog to be a place where you can find all the best resources, the best support and a safe place.  And I HAVE FOUND ONE OF THE BEST.

sensory project
I am so excited to be partnering with The Sensory Project to share this amazing resource. 


About three months ago I stumbled upon The Sensory Project while searching Instagram for sensory related accounts and I am so happy I did.  Lucky for me (and for you) The Sensory Project is not just an Instagram account.  They are an Etsy Shop, a Podcast, a Facebook Group and an Instagram account.

Like I mentioned I first came across this resources on Instagram @thesensoryproject208.  Rachel might just be the sweetest lady out there.  She is witty, she is funny and she is authentic.  Her passion for helping kids with SPD is un-matachable and it is obvious how knowledgeable she is. She is  a COTA/L, AC (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, with an Autism Certificate) and her expertise is clear in all the she talks about.  She offers daily ideas for sensory integration as well as products and resources to help parents.  The Sensory Project Facebook page is another place to find products, articles and advice.


Rachel and Jessica are the adorable ladies behind The Sensory Project Podcast.  Both are Occupational Therapy Assistants and understand the ins and outs of SPD.  I listen to this podcast weekly where they cover everything sensory related.  My favorite episodes are #10 Self-Care and Mommy Guilt and #11 Sensory Seekers.  The podcast has over 20 episodes focusing on things ranging from the seven senses, your hidden senses, parenting, look-alike conditions and interviews with experts.  The podcast is available on both Apple iTunes and Spotify 


The Sensory Project offers sensory inspired and related products.  Think things like weighted blankets, eye masks, weighted vests and custom orders.  Everything is custom made by Rachel and her mom right in their own home.  Her work is exceptional and beyond amazing.  She is really excited about the new weighted vests that just launched which are now manufactured on a larger scale.

Her website The Sensory Project is the best place to go for all the best tips, tricks and ideas for everything Sensory.  You can also get the podcast there, shop and contact the wonderful ladies behind the screen.  


sensory project

We, initially, decided to look into a weighted blanket for Declan to use during rest time at school.  This is a very difficult time for him as he struggles with both body and spatial awareness.  We wanted to help him be successful during this time and were out of ideas!!  Then I “meet” Rachel and I learned about weighted products.  Additionally, our therapist suggested them given Declan’s desire for strong hugs, his challenges with walking into walls and all around sensory seeking needs.

"Weighted vests and blankets are therapeutic tools to help you or your child feel calm with an organized sensory system by providing proprioceptive input. That deep pressure they provide sends messages to the nervous system to improve awareness of their position in space, as well as calms and organizes their sensory system."

-the sensory project 

Working with Rachel on creating this custom made blanket for Declan has been an absolute dream.  She has educated me, she was kind and even sent me fabric choices to pick from.  We both wanted to ensure Declan LOVED this blanket and I can assure you he does.

That is the thing about Rachel, she cares about each order, each child and each family.  

My hope is that you find this valuable and understand why I love following The Sensory Project.  Using this platform to share resources and supports for parents navigating SPD makes me super happy.  

Make sure you explore The Sensory Project and show them some love.  They truly are amazing women doing amazing things; creating confident kids.  

With Love,