OT Entrepreneur Reema Naim from OT Studios LA and The Sensokids!

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Welcome to Episode 140!

A career in occupational therapy can take on many different characteristics and trajectories. Our guest today, Reema Naim, is a great example of this and she shares her unique path and how she built a business and lifestyle around her passions and strengths. 

We hear from Reema about her early forays into the world of health and the different exploratory steps she took before settling into the role of an OT. Reema was able to open her own clinic, and since then has increasingly pursued work as a writer on the subject, while still managing the OTs who work at the clinic she opened! 

This inspiring progress that she has made, chasing her interests and using her gifts, has resulted in the amazing Sensokids books, which we definitely recommend checking out! Reema explains to us that her ultimate goal for these is to turn them into a TV series one day! 

Our conversation also covers some of Reema's heroes, her attitudes toward parenting and balancing responsibilities, as well as the helpful role her dad has played in her career. Reema weighs in on the importance of trust and togetherness at a practice, explaining the time and energy it has taken to build a strong team that she can rely on. We finish off this wonderful conversation getting some advice from Reema about business, motherhood, and your life's goals. Tune in get it all! 

Key Points From This Episode:

• Reema's morning routine currently and managing her motherly responsibilities.
• Why Reema would love to sit down and chat with Beyonce!
• Giraffes, pistachio ice-cream, and sensory quirks from Reema.
• Reema's focus on pediatrics and sensory integration and her motivation for following a path in occupational therapy.
• The winding journey of academia and career that has led Reema to her current position. 
• Information on Sensokids, Reema's exciting book series!
• Reema's love of magic and creativity and how she works that into her work in OT.  
• The hopes that Reema has for her books and eventually turning them into a television series!
• How Reema uses her Sensokids framework at her very own clinic!
• The great advice that Reema's father gave her when she opened the doors to her clinic. 
• Life and work in California as an occupational therapist; comparing Reema's experiences. 
• Balancing numerous commitments and pursuits; how Reema's gets it all done.  
• How becoming a mom has influenced Reema's therapy practice and philosophy. 
• The process of building a strong and trustworthy team of employees at the clinic.
• How Reema approached turning her passion and talent into something special and unique. 
• Reema's advice about thinking outside of the box, self-love, and fearlessness! 
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