Balancing Screen Time & Play Time with Rachel McFedries


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Welcome to episode 135!
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This episode is an incredible conversation with Rachel McFedries - Rachel is passionate about helping parents of children ages birth - 7 years balance screen time and play time. Because parenting these days can feel overwhelming and energy-draining, screens can become the “easy” answer. As a result, some children are experiencing more screen time than ever before.

Rachel’s passion began 4 years ago with the birth of her third child - she was really struggling to limit screen time for her other children. That’s when she realized how little support exists for parents in regards to screen time. 

Since then, she has combined her education and knowledge in Early Childhood Development with her professional experience as a mental health and addictions Occupational Therapist to help her own family balance screen time and play time while also helping other families around the world! 

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